What is Meant by Google PageSpeed Insights?

PageSpeed Insights refers to an online tool offered by Google that addresses web performance issues on websites. Albeit, it is mostly associated with technical SEO issues, the tools also help in analyzing a website from a user experience and accessibility point of view. All you have to do is enter the URL and in a few seconds, a page will be displayed that will bear the results associated with your website performance. For improving your page speed, you can hire an SEO company in Singapore.

You may also find a general score which is the mean of multiple factors involved. But, know that PageSpeed is not the only tool offered by Google, there are also mod_pagespeed, which is a server module that fixes the speed issues and the fully fledged Lighthouse which is a site analysis tool available in Chrome itself. There are also many Chrome Extensions found on Google PageSpeed Insights.

What actually is page speed?

It is a speed by which a page loads on your website. Various pages may have varied speeds because of factors like scripts and images. But speed is relative as it is determined by factors like website performance, server performance, internet package, device processing power, browser, apps running currently etc. So, in simple terms, page speed is a web page loading time and is calculated in seconds.