The Latest Gadgets that your Smart Home Simply Cannot Do Without!

Smart homes are some of the latest trends in housekeeping and accommodation. In their new context, these emerging solutions to contemporary housing issues are more than just ‘luxuries’ (thrown around in the past as a buzzword to place emphasis on great expense); rather, they are essentials that aim to satisfy both basic and additional home necessities – something which reflects a surprising yet inevitable change in public perceptions of new technologies.

In addition to providing automation facilities (which allow you to control everything – from lights and temperature, to locks and security – through your cell phone or any other electronic gadget of similar scope) smart homes are eco-friendly; controlling the carbon footprint in your house more effectively.

And, of course, a reduction in energy bills!

Smart homes minimise your house’s energy consumption which further helps truncate other expenses. Therefore, individuals and multi-billion-dollar corporations (which undertake corporate social responsibility initiatives for the benefit of society at large) prefer to invest in the latest automation and smart home gadgets.

How Smart Homes are Transforming Urban Living Standards…

Before we delve into a list of the latest smart home gadgets, we will discuss some of the benefits of smart home technology; to begin with, perks that bring ease to our lives. One need not to perceive a high degree of convenience these emerging technologies provide as a luxury. Given their veritable advantages over ordinary houses, it stands to reason that home automation solutions facilitate the creation of a stress-free home.

Likewise, it is abundantly clear that that in an increasingly globalised world life has become tedious – something which puts great emphasis on the importance of safe spaces in smart homes. Signs of physical and mental fatigue are common health observances nowadays: one may even find it physically demanding to switch off the lights at night after an extremely busy and stressful day at work; which makes a strong case for why home automation has become a necessity rather than a luxurious provision.

Since we are talking healthy lifestyle choices, we need to strategically allocate time and effort to pursue them. And smart homes help us save both. Moreover, some of these modern accommodation facilities come with their own maintenance systems that allow owners to keep track of their chores.

As previously discussed in this piece, smart homes provide enormous leverage for a more efficient and responsive infrastructure that help minimise energy costs; a quick solution to the undesirable rise in electricity tariffs. These automation systems and devices allow home owners to control energy usage through the use of intelligent, innovative programmes.

More importantly, smart homes provide enhanced security features (including smart doorbells, smart locks, smart cameras, smart thermostats, smart lights, and smart smoke alarms) to detect and respond to urgent threats.

And, smart-home products help fetch higher resale values for automated houses than their significant counterparts; which comes off as a unique perk that is by no means trivial.

All in all, smart homes are a win-win for all the stakeholders, especially for homeowners willing to convert their primary residencies into lucrative, tech-savvy homes. Consider sifting through property listing sites such as, where home automaton features count as a huge plus in the market.

Smart Home Gadgets – all the rage in today’s property marketplace

Today, the smart homes industry is enjoying a seemingly unstoppable rise in popularity. To facilitate these contemporary housing facilities, innumerable supporting gadgets and programmes are entering the technology market each day. Major organisations such as Amazon, Samsung, and Phillips are revolutionising global smart-home trends with game-changing innovations.

Here are the five gadgets that will turn your home into a smart home:

1.    Ring Video Doorbell

If you live alone and have a fear of answering the door, or simply want to avoid unexpected visitors, then this video doorbell system designed by Ring (a company which specialises in the production of home security systems) will be your friend. Connect the device to your Wi-Fi network and witness the magic unfold.

Once it’s operational, this device will allow you to monitor all your visitors at the doorstep – with your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Its motion sensors raise alerts for cameras and microphones upon any detection of movement or sound.

You can hear, as well as talk, to the person at the door from anywhere within the house, without moving your legs. Moreover, with its built-in night vision facility, Ring Video Doorbell offers clear visibility during the night-time.

2.    Kohler Digital Shower Interface

‘For the best showering experience (one which allows you to conserve both time and water), you need to install the ‘K-527-1SN Dtv Prompt Digital Shower Interface’ developed by Kohler (a US-based company which manufactures state-of-the-art bathroom accessories).

This smart product allows you to set the perfect temperature for your shower, as well as monitor the shower flow rate with its built-in selectable water-saving function.

3.    Google Home Mini

Most of us have access to the Google Assistant service on our smartphones. With the Google Home Mini smart phone speaker, you can now enjoy the same facility throughout your home space – whether it’s in the kitchen, the bathroom, or even the attic! (Depending on how far your Wi-Fi connection goes).

This smart gadget allows you to schedule your daily routine, play music, watch videos, ask questions, and even manage other smart features installed in your home – with simple voice commands.

4.    Nest Smart Smoke Alarm

House fire is every homeowner’s worst nightmare, but with Nest’s (a subsidiary of Google) Smart Smoke Alarm facility, you need not to worry about switching off a certain appliance or the stove before you leave the house.

The smoke alarm sends alerts directly to your smartphone, so you will know about the emergency even if you are away. It also has a speaker function which allows it to communicate with the user; helping them to identify the fault.

In addition to detecting ordinary smoke, Nest’s smoke alarm is programmed to identify the usually invisible carbon monoxide.

More importantly, the device comes with an (operational) expiration time frame of up to 10 years, following which it might require some repair work – meaning that you will have a decade’s worth of home convenience at your fingertips, minus all the stress that you might otherwise have to put up with!

5.    Logitech Smart Home Remote

Do you own too many home automation gadgets? With the smart home remote developed by Logitech, now you can operate all these systems with ease. The remote keys act as sensors and they light up upon any detection of movement. It also features a smart display.

Our lifestyles are becoming more and more complicated with each passing day, but these smart-home gadgets and other emerging technologies of similar scope are providing facilities that aim to make our daily routines less overwhelming.

Not to mention, many of socially-responsible initiatives are widely considered to be important steps in the right direction.

So, if you still haven’t put your home on the ‘automation spectrum’ exemplified above, now may be as good a time as any to hop onto the bandwagon. Because sometimes, going the popular route really does pay off!