Ten Strange and weird Smartphone Apps

Do you have these ten strange & unusual Apps in your Smartphone already?

There are plenty of Smartphone apps to select from for the Android, iPhone or ipod device Touch. From travel information, holiday deals as well as recipes, however individuals listed here are not necessarily informative or helpful just fun, unusual and strange apps in certain conditions.

* iSteam

This application is really a clever software program just a little strange. It covers your screen with virtual steam/condensation just like a mirror inside your bathroom. Blow in to the devices microphone also it fogs in the screen. You are able to write messages or scrawl over pictures and also to take away the steam just shake the gadget. The application also includes realistic seems like squeaking glass.

* Drunk Dialer

Ever mis-dialled several although being slightly worse for put on!! having a phone-book full of people that you need to most likely not call sober not to mention drunk, consuming and make contact with operation really do not mix. To make use of this application you need a stable hands although holding the telephoneOrgadget while attempting to dial several however, if you’ve been consuming and swaying a little this is impossible. A great application to experience pranks in your buddies.

*Annoy a teenager

Frustrated with teenagers hanging out by shops and food chains, now this is made to send high frequency sounds that just they are able to hear, which shop proprietors used for a long time, but now you must an application which does the identical factor… unsure how morally right it’s though.

* Hang On!

This strange application has one primary purpose and that’s to determine how lengthy you are able to press an online button for. A timer measures your stamina and you might have fun attempting to beat your personal record… Hrs or possibly minutes of free fun.

*Rimshot & Crickets

This funny little application provides seem effects for a lot of occasions. If a person has cracked an undesirable joke, there’s a sluggish hands clap. You will find trombone and cricket seem effects for awkward occasions of silence and also the rimshot seem creates a cymbal crash for individuals punch lines.

*EMF Meter

For individuals Ghost buster fans available, there’s an application for discovering paranormal activity and EMF. They are certainly not true and accurate however, many of the buddies might find this amusing.


This can be used application to simulate flowing a beer watching because the screen fills up. Should you contain the device for your mouth and tilt it it can make it seem like you’re consuming the pint..Interesting application and despite some legal debate still remain extremely popular.


This Application is comparable to the daredevil game you performed in school, in which you would splay your hands out although someone quickly stabs involving the open fingers having a pencil or knife, but clearly it’s virtual so that your fingers remain in tact.

*Multi Coloured Concert Lighter

In a concert along with a ‘lighter song’ song occurs… only use this application in your device, that will display an online lighter in your screen. There’s a built-in accelerometer and that means you can sway and also the lighter will remain over time using the motion. Get the lighters up!!


Sorry that one is perfect for the boys available..Does not require an introduction, many hrs of juvenile fun, having a huge library of sounds.