Follow these 9 tips for selecting office printers!

Buying a new printer for your office can be confusing. There are literally hundreds of options in terms of models and brands, and additionally, you have to choose between different printer types. In this post, we will talk of the 9 tips that matter in selecting office printers.

  1. Consider your requirements. Are you going to print hundreds of papers each week? If yes, you need a laser printer, which offers lower cost per page. For small offices, inkjet printers are more ideal.
  2. Always choose to buy online. Online sellers have lower overheads, and therefore, you can always get better prices. Also, it is possible to shop for every brand and cartridge. For example, you can good offers for shopping Samsung Toner from
  3. Consider the operational costs. Running a printer involves two major expenses – paper and ink. You may want to buy a printer that lasts long on each new cartridge. In short, choose something better for your budget.
  4. Speed is important. If you are printing in bulk, you need to know the speed of the printer. While laser printers are an obvious choice in that respect, do check different brands to know the printing speed.
  5. What kind of paper would you use? If you are going to use thicker papers or oversized ones, it is better to select a printer that’s meant for the purpose. There are different printers for printing labels and photos.
  6. Functionalities matter. Modern printers can do everything together -scan, copy, print and fax. This is a great advantage, because you don’t need invest additionally in a scanner. The cost usually resembles to the functions on offer.
  7. Can you connect the printer to your office network? For small and big offices alike, this can be an important factor. You may also want to check if the printer has memory, although these ones can be expensive. Today, most models are USB-compatible, which isn’t a point of worry anymore.
  8. Ease in setup and use. Typically, office printers are used by different employees, and you want to be sure that everyone can use the preferred choice easily. The installation process should be simple too.
  9. Finally, consider the warranty on the product. Some brands do offer the choice of extending warranty for an extra charge, which is worth considering. Make sure that you read the terms and conditions of warranty in detail.

Check online now and shortlist the options, and don’t forget to check for deals and discounts on leading printer models.