Factors which you would need to consider when you are choosing a rotary indexing table

The movement of mass is fundamentally important when it comes to rotary indexing table. Without the right movement of mass, everything that you have managed to do would be looked at as being faulty. The good news is that to get the movement of mass; just right is not that difficult. There are various ways in which this can be achieved. This would vary from lifting to even rotating.

If you are looking to make the perfect rotary indexing table, then there are some factors or things which you would need to look at for;

Accuracy or Precision

Accuracy and precision are needed when making a rotary indexing table. The good news is that the accuracy cannot be relative. For some, accuracy would refer to what it is in its strict sense. Others would look at accuracy as microns accuracies the various devices used for the purpose of indexing. However, if you wish to pick the best chance of accuracy when dealing with an indexer, your best bet would be going for the index drives for motion and servo indexers. These two indexes have been tested and are said to have accuracy levels which are quite high (5 microns. You can be sure of this as these are reviews and testimony which has been delivered by users.


Another thing which you would have to keep in mind when it comes to rotary indexing table would be the backlash. The backlash would help you to know the exact moment which you are going to need to pull the plug on one of your application’s masses. It is important to note that if you are operating within an environment which is not all too rigid, you would probably face some problems as you would have to have starts and stops which are faster.

The problem lies in the motion which would result from the starts and stops which you have to initiate. In time, you would be facing a force that you probably would not be able to estimate or calculate. Also, it is important to note that where you used a gear head for the purpose of application of rotation, the more the distance between the mass and where the rotational centre is, the worse the backlash is going to be.

If you are using cam indexers, you would be able to avoid the troubles that come with a backlash. This is because most backlashes are rigid systems which have everything under control. The cam indexers would have the ability to engage in fast cycles without the need to make starts and stops every once in a while. Cam indexers would be the best answer when using rotary indexing tables.

Moment of inertia

Another thing which would surely come into play with your masses would be the mass moment of inertia. It is important that you use a cam indexer which is designed taking the load capabilities into account.

The reason for this is that the moment of inertia would allow for index tables to be completed correctly. This would, in turn, help in ensuring that the speeds which would need to be met is achieved and the loading capabilities would be taken into account.

This is important as many people would normally think that rotating masses can be taken to be the equivalent of a mass being pushed. Therefore, the torque which is used for pushing a mass would be used for the rotating masses. The result of their efforts would usually be a failure due to their mistake in calculating the moment of inertia.

Other things which you should also keep in mind should be the acceleration and deceleration times, which is used by the cycle time. This would help in ensuring that you do not overload your rotary indexing table at any point in time.

The truth is that a rotary indexing table is important to many businesses because of the many functions which it can achieve. Therefore, it is important that you follow the factors which would help you to select a rotary indexing table. This would help you to make the right choice.