Branding and Advertising Tips for a Commercial Cleaning Company

Maintaining business premises is more than important for brands and companies, and most of them prefer hiring a commercial cleaning service for the job. If you own a company that offers commercial office cleaning Melbourne, you have to find ways to reach your customers. With increasing demand, the overall competition in the industry has also increased. Here are the best branding ideas at a glance.

Go green

As a company, you have to show the right values to your customers, and the first step for that is to go green. You can opt for environment-friendly supplies for all cleaning tasks, and typically, most businesses will happily pay for the extra price. A better idea is to give a choice between green and regular products, which will help in tapping the market segment with lower budget.

Talk to your customers

In the world of social media, you have to focus on customer relationships beyond the feedback form. Try to be active on your website, Facebook and social media pages, where clients post reviews, queries and other things. The idea is to be responsive and communicative, so that people can place their trust on your services.

Build a good website

Offices are managed by managers and supervisors, who often look for cleaning services online. A good website can be a perfect tool to promote your business. You can update all contact details and can also take bookings online, as long as the interface is designed accordingly. A good web portal is also important for your online marketing efforts.

Place ads

Newspaper ads, banners and flyers are still relevant for local businesses. Companies that deal with commercial cleaning Melbourne often use local channels to promote their brand, and it’s an ideal choice, regardless of your endeavors on online platforms. Also, you can use newspaper ads for special offers and discounts.

More discounts

Commercial cleaning can be expensive, and you can reduce your competition by offering discounts from time to time. However, the pricing should be in sync with industry basics. Don’t offer a deal that sounds too good to be true. Also, offer a guarantee on your services, if possible. Customers like to have an assurance that the work will be done right, and for that, you can either offer free cleaning or a money-back policy.

Check online now to find your competitors, and you can learn a lot of marketing gimmicks from them.