An Informative article on Drobo RAID Recovery

Drobo is known as a series of multi-disk mechanism. In the Drobo units, the BeyondRAID technology is utilized that is different from the standard RAID level. Due to the specifications and the total complexity of the technology, approaches to the job of Drobo recovery process differ considerably from the approaches of standard data recovery process.

But like other types of storage devices, even in Drobo, data loss can happen anytime. Besides, the data of the Drobo systems can lose because of accidental deletion, multiple hard drive failures, software issues or user error. While these kinds of events take place, users require an affordable and fast Drobo RAID Recovery service with necessary RAID service.

To perform advanced RAID data recovery service on Drobo, it is necessary to understand how data recovery is performed on Drobo as well as the configuration is being used like RAID 6, RAID 5, RAID 1 and RAID 0.

Scenarios that the Secure Drobo Data Recovery Services can treat:

  1. Multiple concurrent hard drive failures
  2. Damages to the RAID controller card
  3. Accidental formatting and file deletion
  4. Operating and software system issues
  5. Parity loss
  6. Fire damage, virus damage and more

Details of the Drobo RAID recovery process:

While it comes to undertaking the diagnostic on the Drobo unit, the data recovery experts mainly process three main steps:

  1. It is necessary to decide the arrays in the drive, which has failed
  2. After that, it is necessary to find the locations of the data and therefore it is important to recreate the important folder structures and file lists
  3. Decide the most efficient types of data extraction and therefore take a backup of the data

Things to do while a Drobo RAID device fails:

To protect the Drobo RAID device from media coverage and file corruption, it is necessary to keep the RAID device powered down as early as you notice the signs of data loss. This will be really helpful for preventing the condition of hardware from getting worse if a hardware failure is the main cause of data loss.

 It is also necessary not to turn on the device for any reason. Never attempt to rebuild a failed RAID device in case you are not sure about the symptoms. At the same time, you must not attempt to rebuild a failed drive if more than one hard-drive in not responding. It is also necessary to consult with a professional data recovery provider to schedule the evaluation.

There are a number of professional data recovery companies that offer free evaluations on Drobo RAID data recovery for all Drobo devices counting B1200i and B800 series. This type of diagnostics can help the device owners with an estimated price and turnaround time quote.

Therefore, these providers can help the device owners to regain access to their systems really fast. So, whether the device owners need to recover a single file or a few terabytes of data, it is actually possible to recover the data.