All You Need To Know About Mobile Access Control

In this fast-moving digital world, several manual advancements have been replaced by technological advancements. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to wake up without mobile phones. Right from the sound of an alarm clock, setting up a meeting with clients to online conferences, mobile phones play an important part in our daily lives. The devices can perform a plethora of functions. Considering the technological advancements, most of the new age security personnel prefer working with mobile devices to monitor a particular area. With this comes up the latest innovation of mobile technology, the mobile access control. Mobile access control enables users to view, access, and manage various events by installing security software on the device. Let’s take a look what exactly the concept tells us!

What is mobile access control?

Mobile access. It means using a smartphone, tablets and wearable devices through which users can identify a person and let him/her enter through the entrance. It is applicable to secured buildings, rooms and specific areas which need special protection. The technology of Mobile Access Control has been accepted by numerous businesses due to ease in functionality. It has brought a massive change in the security industries as well as others where safety is in the need of enhancement. This means, the technology can also be applied for public transport, ticketing, loyalty programs etc. It is a cost-effective solution for many business managements for the purpose of identifying credentials. Mobile access control is the most appropriate alternative to those outdated physical cards.

Entering into the world of mobile access control

There are different types of access control systems available in the market including local and cloud-based platforms. Local access systems are controlled and operated by local servers. However, if users want specialized customizations as per the requirement it is suggested to choose cloud-based access control systems which come with various high-end features. Whatever the type is, mobile access control systems are much economical for long-term applications. Generic features include IP systems, control panel systems and mobile access credentials.

The platforms of this system use the technology of Bluetooth through which the phone can communicate with the reader or the device that is built inside the door locks. The best part is, the communication process is done without taking the help of manual pairing. It supports long range of communication and thus, offers enough bidirectional bandwidth to secure a connection. Apart from Bluetooth, other technologies like NFC (Near Field Communication) also supports. Remember, NFC is only applicable for short range communication and thus, cannot be used by third parties on iPhone. Some platforms even support QR-code that enables the application to scan the reader for enhancing flexibility. The control panel system of a Mobile Access Control has various applications. They can be installed locally which allows users to manage covert credentials. Therefore, it can be a boon to companies which keep a track on the entry/exit of employees. Usually, all the accesses are stored and managed in the cloud through an administrator who controls the entire system.