6 Ways You Can Better Connect with Your eBay Customers

Selling on eBay? If so, you can join millions of other businesses that like to use the world’s largest online marketplace to connect with prospective buyers. But how can you truly set your store apart from the others in this cluttered portal? Here are six methods you can use to better connect with your customers.

No. 1: Optimize Your eBay Store

A number of option exist that can help you optimize your eBay store. Think of optimization like SEO; eBay ranks things based on content, relevancy, keywords and price. If your store isn’t properly optimized, people won’t find your products and buy them. To help you get a head start on this, here’s a detailed guide on optimization courtesy of eBay.

No. 2: Investigate Your Competition

What are your competitors doing and how can you stay a step ahead of the game? Start by researching your products and niches on eBay. Next, create a list of your top-10 competitors and start scouting them at least once per week. Use the data you mine to make updates that improve your store and help you better compete. Certainly, staying ahead of the curve can be hard work. But it will result in a bigger payday, too.

No. 3: Use the “Buy Now” Feature

One mistake that you’ll want to avoid is limiting your items to auction-only pricing. Auctions are cool and used to be the backbone of eBay;but with the added “Buy Now” box, you can move products more quickly, which means more money in your pocket. Most people shopping on eBay are ready to purchase right away. Start saying “yes” to these sales and avoid using the auction features.

No. 4: Automate Pricing Changes

Pricing is everything with eBay. But you can’t be superman and automatically know what the best price is all the time. That’s where automated repricing software comes into play. Numerous services are available and can be found with a simple Google search. Consider integrating this into the fold so you can get more sales by offering the lowest price all the time.

No. 5: Optimize Cross-Channel Data

Your cross-channel data is imperative to success. Since you are likely selling on other places, like your online store and marketplaces like Amazon, you need to know what customers are doing across all your sales channels. The surest way to gather this data instantly is by using an eBay CRM plugin.

Newer solutions instantly import all yourdata and create customer profiles from the ecommerce order activity. Using this info, you can determine what to sell, what to pull, what to charge and who to marketwhat to. Now you can make educated decisions that benefit your bottom line, instead of just guessing about your next move.

No. 6: Offer Free Shipping & Returns

One of the most effective selling methods for any ecommerce store is something simpler than you may suspect: Free shipping, on both sides. This means that you’re offering free shipping when a customer buys a product and free return shipping if that product doesn’t work out for them.

Bear in mind that in about 65% of all cases, returns are the retailer’s fault. The most common reasons for a return include: Damaged product; wrong item; wrong size;misrepresented. Did you know that 80% of online shoppers want free shipping and easy returns and over 60% of them read your shipping and return policies before making a purchase?

By assuring prospective customers that shopping at your online store is more convenient than a local store, you’ll be able to earn their business time and time again. In combination with the methods we’ve shown you here today—you can take your eBay business to the next level by making some simple changes that will benefit your bottom line well into the future.