6 Security Cameras That Are Best For Corporate Surveillance

Security cameras are the primary advanced tools that help in safeguarding a company from internal threats and hackers. They are both tornadoes that can damage the reputation of any company by exposing system vulnerability that can be exploited and misused by unethical hackers in the following 4 troubling ways.

  1. Hacked security cameras carry out the purpose of spying on you, your family, your company, and your staff
  2. If hackers succeed in breaching even 1 system, then, they can use it as a trigger to bug all systems with viruses like a trojan horse and malware like ransomware
  3. Unethical employees are no less damaging than hackers. The only difference is, hackers cause damage by forcing entry in your system via web and employees do the same physically
  4. The information of customers, clients, and employees in a corrupt system remains vulnerable to all kinds of misuse including money theft, data misuse, and security compromise

What Features Make Security Cameras A Trusted Hacking Repellent Tool?

Security cameras are equipped with many modern features that can help in constant surveillance. Be it guarding the office property or securing the company systems from hackers, the following cameras bear endearing results.

  1. PTZ Cameras – You might have seen several small cameras in shopping malls or jewelry showrooms that pan and tilt to capture the movement of different people. These are PTZ cameras that are excellent surveillance tools since they have a wide viewing angle and the feed can be looked into closely since there is a zooming option
  2. Thermal Monitoring Cameras – Surveillance cameras that capture night feed with supreme clarity by making use of temperature difference are thermal cameras. They are quite purposeful for guarding outdoor premises and are also used to secure governmental firms
  3. Wired IP Cameras – Wired IP cameras are the security genies that are used to protect security feed as well as indoor premises of small companies. If using for larger firms, it’s the wireless version of IP cameras that are most recommended
  4. Dome Cameras – Easily distinguished by their dome-shaped canopy, these indoor guard cameras keep a constant focus on any desired point. Besides, you can change their lenses at will and they are economical too
  5. Night Vision Cameras – The name says it all. Night vision cameras are equipped with such lenses that can capture feed quite brightly in HD quality irrespective of the lighting conditions. They can also be sub-categorized as infrared cameras and thermal cameras
  6. 360° Rotation Cameras – These cameras have a lot of advanced features like HD lenses, zooming feature, high pixel density, and night vision. Also, they can rotate in all directions