5 Crucial Features You Should Look For in a Commercial Security Camera

 Setting up an extra set of eyes for the security of your business is never a bad idea. Security cameras ensure that your business is safe from intruders by providing additional eyes to look over it 24×7. Earlier, it was very difficult to keep the business protected from crime. However, time has changed with the advent of commercial security cameras.

With the help of commercial security cameras, the chance of catching the criminals increases up to 90%. Surveillance cameras are equipped with different features such as providing 720p quality video or capable of capturing images in the dark.

If you are planning to install a new commercial security camera or want to upgrade the existing ones in your business premises, Hikvision back door camera is the right one for you. These are certain features that should be kept in mind in order to get the best one.


To run a business safely, areas like loading docks, parking lots, and parking garages should be monitored thoroughly. Video coverage in outdoor business areas is very much essential. In order to operate 365 days smoothly, opt for a well advanced commercial security camera with weather-proof technology.


Never go for an analog security camera as they are not advanced versions and are not equipped with features like digital zoom and clear remote viewing. In case of megapixel security cameras, one can get the digital zoom feature, superior quality videos and flexibility of designs with hi-tech functionalities.

Remote Video Monitoring

It is one of the best features that can add value to any business and at the same time they provide a cutting-edge to oversee the business remotely. With the help of this technology, one can maximize his business profits by reducing labour costs. In true sense, it’s a win-win because it monitors all the sensitive areas, which the owner can see from his mobile phone too.

Infrared Detection

Night is one of the most dangerous times for people as well as properties. As we know, day time security cameras are not that good for capturing night views, so look for a surveillance system, which is equipped with infrared detection for night vision. Keep in mind never to waste money on lighting your property by installing lamp posts. It’s better to go for an infrared detection security camera.

DVR Hard Drive for Recording

Security cameras are designed to function 24 hours a day. In order to monitor these gadgets, one cannot hire a security guard but a DVR hard drive can be installed to record round-the-clock activities. Thus, the consumer can see the videos sitting at his comfort zone at any point of time.